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8 reports about 205-425-6906

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eek 19th Jul, 2011+0
annoying phone call almost every weekday... fortunately i have never heard
nicholas 12th Jul, 2011+0
lady identifying herself as associated with Liberty National Life Insurance - - rude, and hung up on me as i was explaining that she reached a corporate entity & she needed to speak to our home office
Captain Wayne Genthn 11th Jul, 2011+0
i called that number and it was a at&t number don't belive me try it yourself
Bellsbelle 10th Jul, 2011+0
They called and said i was going to jail if i didn't give them my debt crd number i thought that they were very rude and they could not be a law firm
LATRICE GOLLADAY 10th Jul, 2011+0
Left me a voice message stating his name was Mark Peterson from some investigation company. Couldn't understand him because of his accent or trying to fake his voice. Didn't listen to his whole message because of his talking but I archived it to report it to the proper authorities.
Leland Lannoye 10th Jul, 2011+0
Got my first call today... if the caller isn't programmed, i don't answer. no message was left so i googled the number and came up on lots of forums/discussions about this specific number. i've had my number for over 5 years, i am not in debt, so who the hell is this prick????
Sick Of This 7th Jul, 2011+0
on saturday march 20th received 5 calls from this number.calls started at 8:00 in the morning,finally my hubsand answered the call but no one was said a word.This maked up very annoyed.
kathly 3rd Jul, 2011+0
I received a call @ work asking to speak to my immediate supervisor and then my boss gave me a phone # and case # to callback and reference. The caller would not give a name or call relation explanation to my supervisor. When I called the phone # back a woman answered with a baby in the background telling me to hold on and knew who I was by caller id @ my job before I even stated my name or the reference # they gave to my boss. A guy named Rick Davis got on the line very rude, trying to verify information about my last 4 of my social security which didn't match and I wouldn't give him any further information he became very rude and unprofession in speaking. I told him to have a great life and hung up on him.

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